Get Datomic On-Prem

All Datomic On-Prem licenses are perpetual and include all features:

The available editi​ons vary by availability of maintenance and support.  Choose the one that best fits your needs.


No Cost
Maintenance/Updates Limited to 1 Year
Standard EULA
​Community Supported


​$5000 per Year per System Includes Maintenance and Updates
Standard EULA​
2 Day Business-Hours-Only Support


Enterprise Integration Support
Negotiated License Terms
24x7 Support

Datomic Starter

This is the ideal way to get started with Datomic for initial development. For no cost (registration required) you get all of the features of Datomic Pro, including unlimited peers and clients, high availability, memcached integration, and Datomic Console. The Datomic Starter license is perpetual, but is limited to 1 year of maintenance and updates. Datomic Starter supports the full Datomic programming model, enabling seamless migration of your data to Datomic Pro with completely compatible code.

You can register and download Datomic Starter and use it right away.

Datomic Pro

​As your needs grow, you’ll want to move to the full Datomic Pro. You’ll have the peace of mind of ongoing updates and our online technical support. Datomic Pro includes the standard EULA and standard Pro Support (2 Business Day SLA for supported versions). If your organization’s needs fall outside these guidelines, please contact us regarding Datomic Enterprise.

Datomic Pro is issued with a perpetual license, with ongoing maintenance fees of $5,000 per year per system. Yearly maintenance renewals provide 12 months of access to software maintenance (newer versions of Datomic) and online Pro support.

Please fill out the Buy Datomic form to purchase a Datomic Pro license.

Datomic Enterprise

Some organizations may have needs beyond what is offered by Datomic Pro. If your organization:

  • requires customized license terms outside or beyond our standard EULA

  • needs 24x7 access to technical support for critical deployments

  • is planning on deploying a large number of Datomic transactors

  • or is considering embedding Datomic as an OEM

you should contact us about Datomic Enterprise.

Datomic Free

Datomic Free is a good fit for open source applications. Datomic Free enables seamless migration of your data to Datomic Pro, and your code is completely compatible. Datomic Free includes a memory database and embedded Datomic Datalog. The Datomic Free transactor is limited to 2 simultaneous peers and embedded storage and does not support Datomic Clients.

Because the components are redistributable, it’s great for applications that you want to share.

You can download Datomic Free and use it right away - neither you nor your users need to sign up with us.