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Product Details


Datomic provides automatic load-dependent scaling via AWS auto-scaling, which allows fully elastic provisioning of your storage and throughput needs. Built-in fully distributed caching seamlessly provides high performance access to your data.

Reliability and Availability

Datomic's cluster architecture provides high availability and reliability, ensuring no single point of failure and automatic replacement of terminated instances. Clusters provide continuous availability and can be distributed between multiple AWS availability zones for additional reliability.


Datomic follows AWS best practices for authentication and authorization, integrating with AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) and using AWS security groups. Nodes are isolated in a dedicated VPC, communication outside the VPC is SSL encrypted, and data is always encrypted at rest.


Never manage a disk again. Datomic Cloud seamlessly scales storage to meet your need, using a combination of DynamoDB, EBS, and S3 to provide low latency and high availability at every scale.


Datomic Cloud takes full advantage of AWS Cloudwatch logging, monitoring, and metrics. Datomic Cloud also supplies pre-configured AWS Alarms and Notifications to help you ensure your system is running efficiently.


Datomic Cloud provides fully automated deployment and operational control via AWS CloudFormation, with no individual machines to configure. Removing the operational complexity of running your database system frees you to work on your application.


Focus on your application and your business goals, not on working around legacy data and operational models. Measure agility in improved time-to-market and lower operational overhead.

...With an Information Model for the Future


From the query language to the data model to the representation of data structures, Datomic is a deeply simple system.


Because your mission critical data needs ACID guarantees and distributed consistency.


Attributes provide the power of schema without rigidity. Feel free to improve your data as fast as you change your business.


A universal relation lets you handle row-oriented, column-oriented, graph, and hierarchical data in a single system without impedance.


Datalog joins and rules provide SQL-level power, but with an easier pattern-based syntax.


All data is stored by default, allowing you to track changes to your data over time.


Because Datomic stores all data by default, you can audit how and when changes were made.