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Datomic Benefits

What will Datomic do for you?

Architectural Flexibility

Whether you are looking for lightweight Clients for use in microservices or larger Peers for heavyweight analytics processes, choose the connection model that fits your code.

Accumulate Only

All data is stored by default, allowing you to track changes to your data over time

Auditability Built In

Because Datomic stores all data by default, you can audit how and when changes were made.

Powerful Declarative Query

Datalog joins and rules provide SQL-level power, but with an easier pattern-based syntax.

Flexible Schema

true schema, but one that can change with the changing reality of your business. Modify it over time.


Architected from the ground up to be ready for AWS.

Storage Independent

CassandraSQL or DDB. On-premises or in the cloud. Leverage your existing storage investments or move where you have been meaning to go.


Peers provide built-in caching and integration with memcached. Turn caching from a problem into an expectation.

Horizontal Read Scalability

The Peer/Client model means you can scale your queries horizontally without impacting other queries or your transaction throughput.

Fully Consistent ACID

Because your mission critical data needs ACID guarantees and distributed consistency.

Data Modeling

universal relation lets you handle row-oriented, column-oriented, graph, and hierarchical data in a single system without impedance.