Datomic Cloud

A transactional database with a flexible data model, elastic scaling, and rich queries.

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Made for AWS

Datomic is designed from the ground up to run on AWS. Datomic leverages AWS technology, including DynamoDB, S3, EFS, and CloudFormation to provide a fully integrated solution. Datomic provides elastic scaling, encryption at rest, VPC isolation, and a usage-based pricing model. Datomic also utilizes AWS-native technologies for monitoring and logging (CloudWatch), as well as deployment (CloudFormation), providing fully-integrated operation and management from within the AWS Console. Learn More »


Datomic is always transactional, fully serialized, and consistent in both the ACID and CAP senses. Don't waste your life writing code to compensate for partial failures and subtle concurrency bugs when you could be making your application better and shipping it faster. Learn More »


Datomic provides the power of schema without requiring that you define everything up-front. Add attributes dynamically at any time, without worrying about fixed tables or disruptive migrations. Learn More »


A universal relation lets you handle row-oriented, column-oriented, graph, and hierarchical data in a single system without impedance. Learn More »


Datomic remembers everything. Query directly against any point in time in your data's history, from the past to the present to speculative futures. Learn More »


Because Datomic stores all data by default, you can audit how and when changes were made. Learn More »


Datomic Ions in Seven Minutes

Stuart Halloway introduces Ions for Datomic Cloud on AWS.

Datomic Ions Video

The video of Stuart Halloway's TriClojure talk introducing Datomic Ions is now available on the ClojureTV Channel.

Datomic Ions

Datomic Ions let you develop Clojure applications for AWS by deploying your code to a running Datomic cluster. Read more in the Datomic Ions documentation.