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Trademark Guidelines

Cognitect and Datomic (collectively referred to herein as “Cognitect”) appreciate consumer support for their software and services. Because the reputation underlying its brands and trademarks is extremely important, Cognitect must take certain steps to protect these marks. To this end, Cognitect is offering the guidelines below for those who wish to use or reference Cognitect’s trademarks.

Cognitect trademarks include but are not limited to:

COGNITECT™, DATOMIC®, Cognitect®, Datomic™, Relevance™ -as well as any additional marks that may be introduced and used by Cognitect from time to time. You may use any Cognitect trademark subject to the guidelines below and in accordance with Cognitect’s general terms and conditions located at http://www.datomic.com/cloud-eula.html.

Permitted Use

You may make fair use of the COGNITECT™ and DATOMIC® word marks (collectively, the "Word Marks") to make true, factual statements about Cognitect or to discuss or critique Cognitect. Permissible fair uses of the Word Marks include accurate statements related to your experience with the Cognitect offerings. So long as you don’t falsely imply a relationship with Cognitect, you can also use these Word Marks to describe how your own product or service is built upon, has interoperability with or otherwise incorporates the Cognitect offerings.

When using the Word Marks on your own website, blog, social media page or other marketing materials, please include the following:

  • A clear and conspicuous disclaimer that you and/or you company are not affiliated with Cognitect or Datomic and that the trademark(s) and related rights are the sole property of Cognitect, Inc.

  • A clearly labeled link to the Cognitect website at http://cognitect.com/ immediately after the disclaimer.

  • The appropriate trademark symbol (either ® or ™ as designated above) with each and every use of a Cognitect mark.

Prohibited Use

Unless you have explicit written permission to do so, you should not:

  • Display or otherwise use the Cognitect trademarks in a manner likely to lead others to believe that you are in any way associated with, endorsed by, or affiliated with Cognitect.

  • Use Cognitect design logos or other stylizations of the Word Marks.

  • In any way state or imply that Cognitect produces, endorses, or supports you or any of your products or services.

  • Display any of the Cognitect trademarks in connection with your own trademarks.

Please direct any further inquiries concerning use of the Cognitect trademarks to info@cognitect.com.