Datomic Pro and Datomic Cloud are FREE!

Datomic Cloud

A transactional database with a flexible data model, elastic scaling, and rich queries.

All AWS, Less Effort

Get all the benefits you expect from AWS: usage-based pricing, elastic scaling, and simplified operations. Use AWS best practices without having to master the many different services involved.

Flexible and Hierarchical

Model your data once, with agility. Handle row-oriented, column-oriented, graph, and hierarchical data in a single system. Add attributes dynamically at any time.

Run Your App On Datomic

Focus on your application logic. Write ordinary Clojure functions, and let Datomic Ions handle the deployment and execution details.

Integrated Analytics

Your data scientists, analysts, and operations people can directly access Datomic using the languages and tools they already know (e.g. SQL, Python, R, Tableau, Metabase, Superset and more), without any ETL.

Indelible and Chronological

Understand how and when changes were made. Datomic stores all history, and lets you query against any point in time.


Focus on your application without worrying about the integrity of your data. All data enters the system via consistent, atomic, isolated, and durable transactions.


Jepsen tests Datomic

Today, Jepsen released their analysis of Datomic’s safety and correctness.

Jepsen is a small consultancy focused on distributed systems safety. They write public reports, maintain open-source tooling, and offer training courses to make databases, queues, and other systems safer.

Query Stats

Today’s releases of Datomic On-prem include a new feature: query-stats.

query-stats is a new feature that gives users visibility into the decisions made by the query engine while it processed your query.

Datomic 884-9095

Datomic Cloud 884-9095 is a major new release offering more instance options, lower pricing, API Gateway automation for ions and clients, and more.

Datomic is Free

Nubank is excited to announce today that we are making all editions of Datomic available free of licensing fees. The Datomic binaries are being released under the Apache 2.0 license and will be readily available for direct download and use via Maven Central - no signup required. Datomic Cloud will be available on AWS Marketplace with no additional software cost.

Datomic Knowledgebase

Datomic Knowledgebase represents our commitment to improve Datomic and Datomic Cloud. It will serve as a place where you can help us prioritize our efforts and help shape the future of Datomic.

Datomic - Datomic Cloud FAQ

Datomic Pro and Datomic Cloud are FREE!

Datomic Cloud FAQ

The FAQ is now part of our Datomic Knowledgebase.