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Datomic Pro

The fully transactional, cloud-ready, distributed database.

Build flexible, distributed systems that can leverage the entire history of your critical data, not just the most current state. Build them on your existing infrastructure or jump straight to the cloud.

Never Forget

Critical insights come from knowing the full story of your data, not just the most recent state. Datomic stores a record of immutable facts, which gives your applications strong consistency combined with horizontal read scalability, plus built-in caching. Since facts are never update-in-place and all data is retained by default, you get built-in auditing and the ability to query history. All of this with fully ACID-compliant transactions

Build Applications Your Way

Datomic's information model scales to a wide variety of different use cases. With the Datomic Peer library, you can distribute immutable data to your application nodes to provide in-memory access to your data.  Or, take advantage of the  Client library to create lightweight nodes for your microservice architectures. Application processes have their own copy of the query engine and database in local memory. This enables low-latency data access and supports access patterns that would be impractical with server roundtrips.  Datomic's Transactor supports unlimited Peers and Clients by default, so your application footprint can flex with your demand. Mix operational and analytical queries against your live data at runtime without affecting performance.

Choose Your Platform

Datomic provides rich schema and query capabilities on top of modern scalable storage engines.  If you are ready for the cloud, Datomic was designed and built with AWS and DynamoDB in mind. If you need to take advantage of existing investments in infrastructure and storage, deploy on top of Cassandra,  Oracle and more.