To help you determine the AWS resources required for running your Datomic stack, we offer two topologies – Production and Solo – which you can select based on the operational characteristics your system needs. More details on topologies can be found in the Datomic Cloud Documentation.

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Solo Topology

Starts as low as

The Solo Topology provides an inexpensive way to access Datomic's full programming model for development, testing, and hobby deployments. The Solo Topology provides:

  • the same programming model as Production
  • a single cluster node
  • smallest feasible instance size

Production Topology

Fully Scalable

The Production Topology is designed for production use. The Production Topology provides:

  • high availability with no single point of failure
  • horizontally scalable processing
  • load balancing
  • auto scaling
  • multiple query groups for different loads (e.g. transactional vs. analytic vs. developer queries)


Whether you’re experimenting with a proof-of-concept or running a mission-critical application, Datomic has a support plan to fit your needs. We’re here to help you do great things with Datomic.

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*AWS Marketplace Product Support Connection is a no cost opt-in election during product sign up on AWS Marketplace

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